Prosperity is your birthright

Prosperity is your birthright

Prosperity is your birthrightProsperity is your birthrightProsperity is your birthright

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Duane Browne - Motivational Speaker for Pool Of Wealth

Powerful Motivational Speeches

After publishing his book, 3 Steps To Riches, Duane Browne realized the importance of bringing his message to people looking for professional and personal success around the world. Whether as a motivational speaker or a workshop leader, Duane Browne's communication style will wow your audience with his down to earth and at times comical approach  to break through the boundaries that are limiting desired results and gets people ready  to shape the future they dream of. Let Duane help you find the pool of wealth inside you to create that inspired life you deserve.

Duane Browne with Bob Proctor

Mentorship Crafted From Experience

We are only limited by the things that we allow to limit us. The keys to success and productivity are already in our pocket. You just need someone to show you the lock and encourage you to open the door. Duane Browne takes all the instruction from his various mentors and repackages it so he can share his pool of wealth with you. Duane Browne coaches both individuals and organizations to find their passion, create goals to achieve their goals and a support system to keep those goals accountable for success.

Pool Of Wealth Training Programs

Training Programs Invested In Your Success

As an award-winning author and speaker, Duane Browne gathers the things he has implemented in his life, the  expertise of professional contacts in various industries and real life use cases and testimonies of people who are winning in business to bring online programs that are easy to follow and apply to your life. Explore one of our online programs as it relates to the needs in your life. All our programs are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee 

Pool Of Wealth Programs

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Pool OF Wealth Featured Books

Pool Of Wealth has some amazing books available to use as resources you can apply to your lives. Duane Browne has taken some of his best teachings and put them between the pages of his various published books.

3 steps to riches - A guide to wealth and success for everyday people - By Duane Browne

3 Steps To Riches

3 Steps To Riches is an easy to follow path to creating wealth and success for everyday people. Anyone with a desire to like a life of prosperity can apply the teachings in this book. Nothing mystical or theoretical here. Only proven steps to wealth that you can follow to win in life. With a foreword from New York Times best selling author Raymond Aaron, 3 Steps To Riches is a must have for anyone looking to reach their destination of riches.

Struggling with your career, Duane Browne shares the secrets to get you charged up and into growth.

The Brand Avatar

 If you are struggling with a career plateau, Duane shares the secrets necessary to get you off the plateau and back into a place of amazing growth. Right from the beginning, Duane takes the concept of a brand avatar and uses it to showcases the tools and skills you need to implement. This amazing guide walks you through the process of creating a brand avatar of your own, illustrating critical points with multiple real-life illustrations.