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Duane Browne Motivational Speaker

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Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

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Duane Browne Professional Profile


Education / Professional Development

Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing & Communications, Ryerson University  (2003)

­Recording Arts Management, Harris Institute of The Arts, Toronto, ON (1998)

­Digital Marketing Mindset; Training Business Pros (2016)

­Certified Scrum Product Owner; Scrum Alliance (2015)

Presentations / Guest Lecturer / Author

Author of upcoming book: The Brand Avatar (2019)

Professional Branding and Marketing for Start Ups, MaRS (2018)

Author - 3 Steps To Riches: Guide to wealth & success for everyday people (2017)

­ Professional Branding, York University (2018)

­ Published Author and “Ghostwriter” for multiple industries (2015-Present)

­ Motivating Inspired Employees, HR Open Standards Consortium (2018)

­ Canadian Tamil Professionals Association (2017)

­ Leadership Techniques, Conestoga College (2016)

­ Professional Branding, City of Vaughan (2016)

­ Ryerson New Grad Mentorship Program Mentor and Speaker (2014)

­ Founding Toastmaster and Member, TELUS House of Speakers (2013 to Present)

­ Best Speaker, Antigua/Barbuda Association of Toronto (2007)

Community Involvement

­ Historica Canada Annual Guest Speaker (2012 to Present)

­ Emmanuelle Church of the Nazarene Board Chairman (2015) 

­ Emmanuelle Church of the Nazarene Finance Chairman (2012-2015)

­ Micro Skills Business Advisory Committee Member (2012 to 2013) 

Professional Work Experience

DLB Worldwide, Toronto, ON  

Business Coach, Motivational Speaker & Professor 

· Online marketing professor (Conestoga College) instructing student body on leadership, marketing and communication principles

· Content writer for marketing collateral across various mediums for small business owners

· Motivational speaker for at risk youth and young business professionals on marketing, leadership and networking

· Digital marketing sales funnel consulting from discovery to purchase to engagement to brand advocacy 


Product Manager, TELUS Cloud and Norton Security Online (Wireline and Mobility) 

· Mapped billing and customer touchpoint platforms into 1 seamless online experience, managing first proposed converged bundle across landline and mobility lines of business.

· Managed user experience enhancements to improve online activation flow, calls to action (CTA) and discovery of relatable offers 

· Primed customer migration campaigns to increase self serve adoption and improve online interactions

· Executed all online enhancements for Norton Security Online through projects that provided NPV of $2M.

· Upsold users through self serve migration campaigns, generating $40K in monthly savings. 

· Managed key performance indicators (KPI) with cross-functional core teams through monthly monitoring & addressing pain points

· Acted as single point of contact for vendor relationship with Symantec, simplifying objectives of multiple departments and ensuring alignment across organizations, with $980K annual expense responsibility.

Marketing Manager, Brand and Customer Experience (Mobility) 

· Managed +$15M annual customer satisfaction segment budget, driving process improvements that addressed identified gaps. 

· Created solutions, providing opportunities for increasing revenues and meeting market needs; generated +$2M cost savings.

· Rehabilitated irate customers through development and implementation of churn-saving, upselling, and sales funnel improvement campaigns, achieving +$2M annually.

· Collaborated with Customer Experience Operations and Call Centre frontline, building efficiency strategies for call centre operations. 


Marketing and Partnership Director, Business and Communications  

· Generated +$10K per campaign by managing partnership with Toronto General Hospital.

· Managed Sickle Cell campaign with Wild Water Kingdom, increasing awareness of illness and foot traffic to Wild Water Kingdom

· Worked alongside other Sickle Cell foundations, promoting Bill 165 (passed in Canada) to screen all children for sickle cell anemia.


Account Manager  

· Predicted $1M per week of open market requirements, managing Home Depot’s inventory movement. 

· Secured $1K in weekly profits, as lumber commodity trader, with clients on open lumber market. 

· Provided distribution centre inventory control and served as forecasting prime for Home Depot and Lowes.

· Maintained +$4M per month of sales, as Home Depot account manager and sales prime. 


Marketing Manager  

· Loyalty campaign prime working directly with call centre operations to craft sales scripts. 

· Churn avoidance prime responsible for being voice of the customer to address moments of truth

· Created multicultural campaigns to increase Fairchild adoptions